Cherokee State Park, Aurora, KY- A blacks-only state park during the segregation era-only the third state park of its kind in the nation. Includes trailer, story, parks, credits, postcards, and contact information.

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Cherokee Trail of Tears Park, Hopkinsville, KY- Documented site of actual trail and campsites used during forced removal of the Cherokee people to “Indian Territory” in 1838 and 1839. Includes contact information, photographs, and history.

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Columbus-Belmont State Park, Columbus, KY- On display is a massive chain and six-ton anchor used to block the passage of Union gunboats down the Mississippi River. Includes trails, museum, camping, map & directions, events, photograph gallery, history, and contact information.

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Historic Iron Ore Furnaces, Golden Pond in Land between the Lakes, KY and TN- In 1830, this region was the third-largest producer of iron ore in the country. Includes photographs, history, and points of study.

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Historic Mantle Rock Native Education and Culture Center, Marion, KY- Its name came from a natural rock formation in western Kentucky by the Ohio River where three thousand Cherokees sought shelter while the river was frozen and impassable in the winter of 1838-1839. Includes photographs, history, genealogy, and contact information.

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Mineral Mound State Park, Eddyville, KY- This Mississippian Indian mounds historic site was once the farm of Willis B. Machen, grandfather of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald. Provides golf, fishing, trails, history, photograph gallery, and contact information.

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Oak Grove War Memorial Walking Trail, Oak Grove, KY- This mile-long trail features markers honoring all U.S. wars and conflicts. Special monuments are on site for Vietnam War Veterans. Casually stroll along the well-lit trail featuring plants native to this area and picnic tables.

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Wickliff Mounds State Historic Site, Wickliff, KY- An archaeological site of prehistoric Native Americans featuring a museum consisting of three excavated mounds and a mural of the Native American Village. Provides history, admission, hours of operation, photograph gallery, contact information, and things to do.

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